Japan's most talented master of sound - DJ DECKSTREAM, whose various and full of borderless fascination but still sophisticated track- making attracts world-class artists such as Kanye West, T-BOZ from TLC, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Adriana Evans. He is also well noticed by overseas media, and was chosen at "2009 TOP HERO 20" of UK's popular culture magazine MONOCLE as one and only Japanese musician.
With bringing in essence of the black music such as jazz, funk, hip- hop, and R&B daring and sensationally, his cool and mellow style has a possibility to cross over the musical mass/core boundary easily.

He started the new project from 2009, under the name of Rahze.
Launched completely new dance music with programming the groove of black music into the house and it was highly acclaimed. In 2011, he started his own label Separa. His highly-gifted talent as a producer and beat-maker is blooming in various fields.

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Memorable debut album, combined dynamism of hip-hop and mellowness of R&B 1st album that made DJ DECKSTREAM gained a reputation in the genre. Filled with the essence of black music, its mellow and urban tracks and kicking rhyme had already appeared as one and only sound of DECKSTREAM. Featuring the big names such as Talib Kweli、Lupe Fiasco、Adriana Evans was also buzzed. Be prepared to be blown away by non-stop killer tunes!

Highly praised by Kanye West! The classic featuring Mos Def and T-BOZ(from TLC). Full of astonishing songs! Break-through album of DJ DECKSTREAM, who made his name at the scene with his previous material. Including historic anthems like "Life Is Good" featuring the worldwide hip-hop star, Mos Def, "Someday" that T-BOZ (from TLC) appears as a vocalist. Lots of tricks that might attract both dedicated listeners and beginner of black music are everywhere! Gold standard albums with name and reality.

Rahze「Rahze」KSR (09)
House music album by No. 1 hip-hop DJ Debut album by DJ DECKSTREAM's house music project, Rahze. This is the collection of superior dance music by hip-hop master.

Rahze「two」KSR (10)
2nd album with more freedom-filled
Debut album was a big hit. This is the following material of DJ DECKSTREAM, under the name of Rahze, who also mesmerized house music.

Rahze「」Sepera (11)
1st material from Sepera, DJ DECKSTREAM's own label 3rd original album. Free and dynamic sound style was further advanced. Classic collection of futuristic house music!

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